How do you get tens of thousands of opportunities at unknown high-growth startups known? You build a custom job board and integrated resume database packed with muscular SEO. Search “startup job” and you’ll see the SEO in action. Visit StartUpHire and you’ll find a complete suite of Zurka capabilities at work: search engines, social media tools, javascript widgets, email alerts, e-commerce and web applications for employers and venture capitalists – a good start to getting the job done.

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SEO That Packs a Punch

Given a limited advertising budget, SEO became the primary vehicle for attracting visitors to the website. After determining which search terms mattered most, we built dynamic pages that would serve content from the system to target those terms. Cross links, a dynamically generated site map fed to Google, semantic web microdata and a killer badging strategy led to over 300 unique search terms place StartUpHire on the first page. All this while improving the time spent on the site by visitors.

The 10,000 Campaign

StartUpHire wanted to fill 10,000 open startup jobs with social media leading the charge. We built job sharing functionality by integrating with Twitter and Facebook API's. With one simple click people were able to help promote open positions across their own social media spheres. Every day open positions broadcast across thousands of linked accounts, dynamically furthering the reach of jobs everywhere. This got StartUpHire the attention of Huffington Post and other outlets that wanted to further the cause.


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
was valued by a third party at over
$86,000 per month.

Connecting Innovation & Talent

StartUpHire uses custom search engines based on Sphinx to help connect talented individuals with great opportunities at startups. Over 10,000 people a day search the website for their next opportunity so while the technology behind the curtain is complex, the user interface had to be clean and simple. The user interface for employers and venture capitalists leverages the zTabs jQuery plug-in that we've subsequently open-sourced.