Courtland Homes

There's no two ways about it. Courtland builds fabulous houses and communities. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding. But when we first talked to them, they were concerned that their website didn't reflect the beauty and craftsmanship found in their homes. Zurka collaborated with with Courtland to relaunch their website with a new look and open source content management. From there we went on to build them a customer relationship management (CRM) system and an iPad interface for collecting data from their prospects.

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A website should reflect the organization one is or aspires to be. After all a brand is a promise and Courtland Homes knew that the quality of their work wasn't reflected online. The relaunched website prominently featured the stunning photography of their work and retained its simple elegance. The site is powered by an open source content management system (CMS) so updates can be made by Courtland staff through a secure web browser.

Custom CRM

It's hard to improve something you can't measure. Zurka teamed with Courtland homes to create a customer management system that helps them understand where their prospective customers are coming from and which are the most valuable sources. Their sales teams has tools to help them succeed and management has insight into the sales funnel.



iPad Data Capture

For years information from or about prospective customers was captured on paper. The process was replaced by a web page designed to run on an iPad. Sales staff or prospective customers can quickly and easily enter the information into an iPad at any of the Courtland locations. That data, recorded in the Courtland CRM, can be output in reports or accessed by any of the sales or management team.