Balducci's Food Lover's Market.

Balducci's Food Lover's Market has a 100 year old brand synonymous with high quality and sophistication. In addition to resonating with their brand, the Balducci's website supports multiple types of e-commerce. It can be updated with a secure web browser by in-house staff via a custom content management system.

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Soup to Nuts

From initial planning & analysis, to design, through construction, launch and subsequent upgrades to the website Zurka has worked hand in glove with Balducci's since early 2007. This collaboration has resulted in a web presence that reflects the promise of the Balducci's brand, provides information to their customers and supports two parallel e-commerce engines in a polished, professional website. As with all our clients, we measure our success by their success.

Custom E-Commerce

Balducci's ships gift baskets and unique gourmet items to customers across the country. The e-commerce system Zurka built allows them manage their offerings, communicate order information with their shipping company, send orders to distribution partners and print gift cards requested by customers. The PCI compliant system automatically links with the third party company that manages Balducci's customer rewards program.

<2 Hours

Without any fanfare or announcements
the first customer ordered less than two hours
after the system was activated.

Complex Catering

When building the online catering ordering system there were two competing goals: Make it incredibly easy and support a high level of customization. After all, some times customers just trust Balducci's to do an outstanding job when they need lunch for 20. Other times customers want to be very specific about all the dishes that will comprise their event. The resulting system is simple and intuitive for the customer yet supports all the menu options, seasonal offerings, time restrictions and promo codes that are required operationally. And on top of all that it sends order directly to their legacy catering management software. That's the first time that had ever been done with that third party system.