Open Source

The fact that open source is available for free is powerful but there's more to the story than that. It let's us use great technology developed by others as building blocks for the solutions our clients need.

Adapt It to Your Needs

Because the source code is open and available we can make the changes if we have a special need not covered in the standard distribution. This expectation has become part of the culture of most open source projects so much so that the best ones are built with modification and customization in mind. Programmers know as well as anyone else that the world is a big messy, complicated place. They won't be able to make one solution that works great for everyone's needs. But it's possible to make a solid foundation that others can, adapt, build on and customize.

Security Of A Thousand Eyes

We believe that popular open source projects are more likely to be secure. The code benefits from the eyes of hundreds of programmers over long periods of time. When problems are found, patches can be submitted by anyone.

Broad Talent Base

There's an easy on-ramp for learning about Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, node.js, Python, Drupal, jQuery etc. Download it now. The Internet is full of documentation, tutorials, examples and people who are willing to answer your questions. This provides a wide array of people to collaborate with whatever your needs are.