Web Based Applications

Moving procedures, records or almost any other activity online can reduce the time it takes and improve the quality of the outcomes. At Zurka, we have built numerous web based applications for organizations both large and small. There have been online training systems, e-commerce engines, customer relationship management tools, job boards, resume databases and all manner of data management tools. What they all had in common is a complex challenge where an off the shelf solution wasn't going to do the job, at least not without a little help.

Off the Shelf - That's not to say we're against off the shelf solutions. If a tool exists that already does the job we'll be to first ones to suggest it. But sometimes the off the shelf solution only gets you half way there. Perhaps there's a need to connect with a legacy system. Perhaps there are organizational or regulator requirements. Or, as is sometimes the case, you want to do something innovative because the existing solutions are found lacking.

From the Outside In - Far too often user interfaces simply expose the data and mechanisms at the core of the software. It's a natural thing to do if your the programmer that built that core but it can be incomprehensible to the people who use the software. They key to building an intuitive application is thinking from the outside in. That means understanding who will use the application, in what context and with what goals. By putting a spotlight on their needs, we build applications that are intuitive and efficient to use.

Working with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory since 2002, Zurka has designed, built and maintained multiple web based applications. Our team works both on-site and remotely to give NRL best possible support.

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Bring Ideas to Life

Zurka is particularly adept in embracing the requirements of a situation and collaborating with clients to find the optimum solution. We bring lots of experience and we're not afraid of doing something new. Bring us a tough problem... full of complexity, with serious technical hurdles. We love a good challenge.