Strategy & Branding

We like to talk to clients early in the planning phase. We help them tease out the goals, stakeholders, audience and other key parameters. With stakeholders in multiple departments of a large organization we may facilitate the discussion through interactive exercises. With a startup we might come to the table with a competitive analysis or a short list of technical approaches for consideration.

We've found that creating mock-ups of web/mobile applications or even a full blown proof of concept leads to insights that are difficult to uncover when a project is described solely in text. Seeing or interacting with something that appears reveals challenges, opportunities and the assumptions inherent in early thinking about a project. Getting that learning up front, can lead to a tremendous savings in both schedule and budget.

Early mockups that reflected their current branding quickly uncovered the stakeholders desire for a more bold and contemporary approach to the blog website for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

The end result has multiple parts: a well defined set of goals; a thoughtful strategy encompassing the key aspects of the situations and the insights of the various stakeholders; and a road map for the execution of the project.