Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We've had exceptional success in our SEO efforts. It doesn't come from tricks, magic or a secret formula. Our SEO success comes from taking an authentic, synergistic approach. Google wants to show it's users great content for a given search term. We see it as our job to help Google understand what are pages are all about, show them evidence that it's valuable and give the Google user what they are looking for. When we do that, everyone wins: Google, the user and our customer.

In SEO parlance this involved on-page-SEO, in-bound links, badging strategies, social media, blogs and quality content.

Funnel Math - Picture SEO and SEM as sales funnel because more often that not that's exactly what it is. It starts with visitors to the website and progresses to a conversion of some sort like a purchase or a request for information. We will work with you to understand the most cost-effective ways to increase the percentage of visitors who convert as well as the total number of visitors identifying and eliminating bottlenecks we discover.

  • StartUpHire

The SEO for StartUpHire attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site every month. Zurka helps StartUpHire get to the number one position on Google for the term that was most relevant to them, "Startup Jobs". We also executed a plan to go after the long tail of search terms related to their niche.

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SEM Scouts

Before stating an SEO campaign around specific terms, one would like to know how well visitors to you site who clicked on those terms will convert into customers. After all, it's now use being on the first page of Google if the people who see your listing aren't a good fit for your product or service. As part of our SEO strategy we often use SEM to validate our assumptions about the keywords that are most valuable to us.

In other words we buy ads from Google Adwords and track how people respond. We identify the most valuable terms, access their average traffic and how competitive they're likely to be before deciding where to focus the SEO.