Lean Startup Methodology

For those who don't know, being "Lean" isn't about having a small budget. In a nutshell it's about taking a scientific approach to testing a concept, developing a product or building a company. Understand what your core assumptions are and develop experiments to validate your thinking.

Minimize Technical Risk - At Zurka we understand how to develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) validate ideas and do customer development. We can work with you and your team eliminate uncertainty. Leveraging Zurka's expertise is a good way to minimize the technical risk of a project and focus your limited time and energy on the market risk.

Flexibility - Working with Zurka gives you a high degree of flexibility. Zurka can play a large or small role depending on your needs. Zurka can transition development responsibilities over to your team as it grows or support you over the long term. Our success is measured by yours.

Who's Cool - IXM had a concept they wanted to explore. An experiment in the tradition of a lean startup. Zurka implemented their vision in the form of a responsive website that connected with the Facebook API.

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To us Lean is not just a buzz word. Every member of our team gets a copy of Eric Ries's book, The Lean Startup. We talk about customer development, MVPs and validated learning. We participate in local Lean meet-ups. But it's also not a religion for us. There are times when the goals are understood and experimentation isn't appropriate. In other words we see the Lean methodology as a powerful tool set to be deployed when the job calls for it.