There are three parts to e-commerce: the technology, the customer experience, and the marketing. Zurka has expertise in all three and can play whatever role makes the most sense for your company. We've built websites that sell both products and services online. If it's simple and straightforward, great, let's get it built and roll it out. It the product or the purchasing process is inherently complicated, that's ok too. We'll find a way to turn it into a simple and elegant transaction.

Credit Card Processing - Clients often think of this as a daunting task. It's not. We've set up credit card processing for a variety of different clients and with different payment processors.

Recurring Billing - Monthly subscriptions are becoming more popular. Zurka can build the functionality to accept and process recurring billing.

Order Communication - Once an order is placed, it needs to be fulfilled. Whether that's simply an email notification or complex data to multiple third parties, we can build out whatever solution is required.

Shopping Carts - Here's a good example of where technology and design can converge. We've done innovative things with shopping carts and believe there's room for more. We want a better experience for your customers and more sales for you.

It turns out that ordering catering on-line is far more complicated that choosing a book or t-shirt. Customers want the simple transaction where everything is taken care of for them and they want the ability to tailor an order to their specific needs. Zurka implemented two distinctive e-commerce systems to fit the needs of a world famous retailer.

Full Case Study

2 Hours

There wasn't an announcement of any kind but within two hours of adding
catering ordering to the Balducci's website the orders started

Online Retailing

There's more to selling online than the technology that powers the transactions. At Zurka we help our clients understand the best way to display their offerings, accept orders, monitor customers and drive traffic to the website.