The Approach

We might be experts when it comes to web design, development, databases and SEO – but you’re the expert when it comes to your business, staff and customers. That’s why collaboration and communication is a common theme throughout our 7-Step approach.

Step 1: Consultation & Discovery
Our first step is learning. We want to learn all that we can about your goals, requirements, restrictions and aspirations. This is a great exercise in really flushing out your pain-points and learning about opportunities.

Step 2: Mapping the strategy
After the discovery, we’ll work together with you to select the strategy and approach to building the best solution to meet your needs.

Step 3: Design & Proof of Concept
We will visually mock-up the deliverables, diagram the functionality, and in some cases create a limited proof of concept, so you can get a feel for the direction and tone the project is taking. This design phase is a great opportunity to illicit feedback, uncover potential issues, or realize additional requirements.

Step 4: Construction
After the technical and graphical designs are approved, the team will begin building out the required functionality for the project. Writing code, building the database, setting up the eCommerce, and creating the user experience. As it's developed, there will be questions and suggestions as well ample opportunities for you to observe the progress and make adjustments.

Step 5: Testing and Review
Once we’ve built it, we try hard to break it. We test and validate the functioning technology to look for any issues and expose weaknesses. By now you'll be very familiar with all the aspects of the project. When we’re confident the project is launch-ready we ask you to review for final approval.

Step 6: Coordinate the Launch
Once you’ve signed off on the project, we’ll work with you to launch it be that publicly or within your organization. We will validate that there are no issues and assist wherever we can for a smooth transition.

Step 7: Ongoing Support
While the project may be over in scope, we like to remain connected to you post-launch. We can provide longterm maintenance and support or transition everything to you and your team or do something in between. We are always open to feedback, and available to jump in if that feedback leads to additional iterations.

Are there times that we deviate from this path? Absolutely! It's a structure that helps organize projects not a dogma to be strictly observed. In fact, many clients have used Zurka for a very specific phase of the process or a specific capability Zurka possesses. For instance we've helped some clients develop user interface designs and we've helped others help build out the functionality behind their designs. We're more than happy to play the role that best servers our clients.