Zurka marries engaging design with proven technology. We collaborate with our clients to create outstanding websites and applications.

The Work

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How do you get tens of thousands of opportunities at unknown high-growth startups known? You build a custom job board and integrated resume database packed with muscular SEO. Search “startup job” and you’ll see the SEO in action. Visit StartUpHire and you’ll find a complete suite of Zurka capabilities at work: search engines, social media tools, javascript widgets...

The Approach

1  Consultation & Discovery

2  Mapping the Strategy

3  Design & Proof of Concept

4  Construction

5  Testing and Review

6  Coordinate the Launch

7  Ongoing Support

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We might be experts when it comes to web design, development, databases and SEO – but you’re the expert when it comes to your business, staff and customers. That’s why collaboration and communication is a common theme throughout our 7-Step approach. And seven isn't always the right number. When clients want a narrower set of services or a reordering of the process, we adapt to their needs.


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